Episodio 262 – ¿Quién Quiere Ser Millonario? [Países Latinos – Parte 1]



En este episodio vamos a jugar un juego: ¡Quién quiere ser millonario!

Aquí vamos a poner a prueba tu conocimiento sobre datos generales de países latinos. 

En episodios pasados hemos hablado de muchos de estos datos así que vamos a hacer un repaso a modo de juego mientras practicas la escucha. 

¡Vamos a ver cuantas preguntas contestas bien!

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Nate Alger

I learned to speak Conversationally Fluent Spanish in 1 Year of Semi-Focused Study through language exchanges, online tutors, online teaching, and Podcasts like this one!

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  1. I so enjoyed listening to this (262) podcast but was disappointed I could never obtain it in writing. I tried it 3 times & every time it said it had been delivered to my email address but was not. I’ve never had this problem before. I downloaded 261 & 263 without any problem. I do believe your suggestion of reading along as I listen & then reading the printed material after has helped my Spanish. Thanks for the many episodes you have done & I have enjoyed.

  2. Hello. I love the podcast but I was trying to download the transcript. I’ve downloaded transcripts from your podcast in the past but this time it keeps giving me a 404 error. It happened on more than one. I am not sure if it is something on my end or yours but just thought I’d mention it.

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