Episodio 268 – ¿Cómo Aprendí Inglés? [Tips para tu Español]


Hoy te voy a contar cómo yo, Andrea, aprendí inglés.

Te contaré todo sobre mi proceso con este idioma y mi motivación para aprenderlo. 

Mientras te comparto mi historia te contaré sobre varias cosas prácticas que puedes hacer para mejorar tu español. Si pones en práctica estos tips estoy segura de que mejorarás muchísimo. 

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¿Quieres mejorar tu pronunciación y habilidad para conversar en español? 

Te recomendamos las clases uno a uno y de grupo de 3 personas con nuestra tutora Diana. 

Ella es colombiana y es sin duda una de las mejores profesoras que conocerás. 

Si quieres comprar las clases ve a bookme.name/spanishland

About the author 

Nate Alger

I learned to speak Conversationally Fluent Spanish in 1 Year of Semi-Focused Study through language exchanges, online tutors, online teaching, and Podcasts like this one!

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  1. Thank you for the information on how you proceeded with learning English. I have been studying Spanish for a long time and have slowly improved. I still want to improve a lot. I volunteer as a tutor for math and English at a Catholic non-profit here in Youngstown, OH. Most of the students that I help are native Spanish speakers. We are fortunate to have one-on-one tutoring. There seems to be some controversy about using the native language as a base for learning English. In other words, should the students be learning vocab by reference to Spanish i.e. house is casa. It seems like I always refer back to English when I hear Spanish being spoken. I realize that it is best to eliminate this tendency. However, easier said than done. I learned a lot of Spanish by always referring back to my English base. What is the best way to proceed with Spanish speakers learning English. I listened carefully to your podcast and it seems like you learned English like I have learned Spanish and Nate used a similar method in learning Spanish. I marvel at his progress! Thank you both for your wonderful podcasts, teaching and love of Spanish.

    1. Hola Patrick, I think the #1 thing for any language learner to begin speaking as soon as they can. Hear it spoken lots and start speaking likely before they feel comfortable.

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