Episodio 279 – ¿Cómo es la Vida en Colombia? | 4 Diferencias con USA (Parte 2)



Hoy te contaremos más sobre cómo es la vida en Colombia. Hablaremos sobre la puntualidad, el espacio, la corrupción y los trabajos informales.

¿Es mejor Colombia o USA? 

Hoy seguiremos hablando sobre lo bueno y malo de cada lugar en diferentes aspectos. 

Este episodio es para que practiques tu escucha y aprendas palabras nuevas.

Deja tu comentario diciendo cuál es tu opinión sobre alguno de los aspectos que mencionamos aquí. 💗

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  1. The concept of time differences between Americans and Latinos is hilarious! My wife and I had a couple of occasions when we were invited to functions held by Latinos. Your description was so funny. The one event was a birthday party “scheduled” for 3:00 pm. We arrived at about 2:55 and, of course, the next guests arrived at about 4:00. It was a bit awkward to say the least. I don’t think that the hosts had even got started to get ready for the event yet. The other situation was a 5 year old that was being welcomed into his parent’s Spanish church, an apparent tradition in the religion at that age. We got there on time for the 3:00 pm ceremony. When we drove into the church parking lot, there were no other cars there. Were we in the right place? At the right time? On the right day? We waited in the lot and about 40 minutes later another car came into the lot. By a little after 4:00 pm most of the guests had arrived. The people were very nice and the preacher gave a part of his homily in English knowing that we were not Spanish speakers to much of an extent at the time. The other thing that I noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be a end time for events. Unlike most American celebrations or events, the Latino events seem to last forever! ahaahahaaha! I always say the the American motto of life is “Time is Money”. Latinos use the motto, “Livin’ la Vida Loca” which is a better approach!
    Great episodes about the cultural differences! Thank you

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