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Introduction to Podcast

Nate & Andrea

About the Españolistos Podcast

Nate and Andrea Alger first created the Españolistos Podcast in the fall of 2016. Andrea is a Spanish teacher from Colombia and leads the Podcast. Nate is the ever improving student and fellow gringo from Austin, Texas (USA). They speak in clear, everyday Latin American Spanish on the Podcast. Listen and learn along with Nate.

I love ESPANOLISTOS - Andrea and Nate speak clearly and at a moderate speed - so I am able to understand, and hear every syllable. Their podcasts cover a wide variety of interesting topics about family, education, history, current events, and much more - making learning Spanish fun.

Rachelle Lappinen

I really enjoy listening to this podcast and it has really helped to shape my Spanish listening skills!

Clay Bolt

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