Episodio 000 – Introducción de Españolistos (Introduction to Españolistos)


Introduction to Podcast

En este episodio hablaremos sobre la razón por la cual creamos este podcast.

Nate, de Estados Unidos y Andrea, de Colombia, somos los creadores de este podcast.

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La idea surgió de la experiencia de Nate con el Español. 

Descubre la interesante historia de un americano en Latino América, el motivo y objetivo de este podcast, las personas a quienes está dirigido y los temas y actividades que haremos en nuestros episodios.

Solo da un clic y comienza tu aventura con el español.

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I promise the episodes get better as we go along as this was just the first episode that we ever did.  Either way, we hope you learn some Spanish along the way. 🙂

About the author 

Nate Alger

I learned to speak Conversationally Fluent Spanish in 1 Year of Semi-Focused Study through language exchanges, online tutors, online teaching, and Podcasts like this one!

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    1. Hi Pam, thanks for reaching out. We haven’t gone back and done the transcripts on the earlier episodes, but I think in this case it would be worth it as so many people check out the Introduction episode when they find us. I’ll get with Andrea and try and make sure it gets done and let you know when it’s ready. Thanks again for listening!

      1. Have you gone back to do the earlier transcripts from ep.1-19? I am new…still on the introductory episode & it would be very helpful as I have a ways before I get to episode 20.

        1. Hi Adrienne, thanks for listening. We likely won’t as the quality on those episodes isn’t that great and not as many people listen to those these days. We do have a ton more after 19 though.

  1. hello I am happy to follow your podcasts. thanks for the efforts but I could not get the transcripts that are promised. how can we distiguish if that lecture has it already or not? is there a list of the lectures with the transcripts at ala.

    1. Hi Basak, thanks so much for checking out the Podcast. You can get the transcripts sent to your email on each individual Podcast page. However, we didn’t put episodes 1-19 as we weren’t doing the transcripts at that time… But you can get all the ones 20 and up for free on each page. In addition, if you want to get all of them at once you can do so with a small donation to support the site and transcripts here: https://www.espanolistos.com/transcripts

  2. Oh, I just found you, listened to the first episode and then received an email that you are married now! It is sooo sweeeet to hear your story here in first podcast and then see you are marriage already 😉

  3. Hola! I just listened to the first episode yesterday. I have been learning Spanish intermittently for a little over a year. Just recently I decided to get more focused and consistent. I am working on my listening skills and I was excited that I could understand approximately 80-90 percent of the conversation in the podcast! I enjoyed learning about your experience living in Latin America.

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