6 Fun Ways to Learn Spanish


6 Fun Ways To Learn Spanish

​Do you have a very clear reason why you want to learn Spanish?

Reason For Learning Spanish

If you don't you just might not be able to push past the difficult aspects of learning Spanish and give up quickly.

I have seen this time after time with others around me that have said they were going to learn a language "someday."

One friend in particular came back from an overseas trip to a Latin America and proclaimed that he was going to learn Spanish.  

He quickly downloaded Duolingo, a great language learning app,​ and started getting involved with Spanish tutoring lessons.  But not long after, as I had suspected, he slowly quit trying to learn the language.

Other things got in the way and he soon got too busy to keep studying.

When I asked him about it he said he was planning on getting back into it "soon"...As if busyness somehow eventually goes away.

Can you relate?

why learn spanish?

I know I can as I definitely wanted to quit learning along the way. But the important part is I stuck it out.

Still, I am not sure I would have stuck it out if I didn't have fun doing it.

Fact of the matter is, I think you have to at least somewhat enjoy the process of learning Spanish or have a spectacularly clear "Why" statement if you are going to succeed in your goal of Spanish fluency.  

That's why we created this Infographic.

To make a quick and easy to follow visual presentation of six fun ways to learn Spanish.​

Have Fun Learning Spanish

MADRID, SPAIN - September 01, 2016: Promotional poster for TV series "Narcos" (Wanted Pablo Escobar Gaviria, prize 5 billions pesos) in Madrid

By having fun with the language, I have changed something I would sometimes dread into something I eagerly looked forward to doing.

After all, who doesn't want to see the latest Netflix episode on the notorious druglord Pablo Escobar?  🙂 haha I know I do.​

Below you will find our Infographic on the 6 fun ways to learn Spanish. 

Personally, I have used all 6 to some degree of success.  

However, I think I have had the most growth in the Spanish language using #1 and #2.

Especially #1, language exchanges and online tutoring, as that to me represents the essential elements of learning a language, speaking and hearing it spoken.

That being said, you can use all six to some degree of success in learning Spanish and when used in conjunction, it can be a powerful force towards complete Spanish fluency.​

Top 6 Fun Ways (I know of) To Learning Spanish

1) Language Exchanges and Online Tutoring

2) Podcasts

3) Spanish Movies and TV Shows

4) Spanish Music

5) Books in Spanish

6) Smartphone Apps

Fun Ways To Learn Spanish

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What did we miss?  What fun ways have you used to learn Spanish?

About the author 

Nate Alger

I learned to speak Conversationally Fluent Spanish in 1 Year of Semi-Focused Study through language exchanges, online tutors, online teaching, and Podcasts like this one!

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    1. There are some interesting points in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them in the same light as you do. There is some validity but I will hold my opinion until I look into it further. Good article, great read and thanks for the quality content!

  1. So I am not fluent in Spanish but I recognize what someone is saying in Spanish when they speak it also along with asking me about my day or what they want to ask me something

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