Hoy es 31 de octubre, es el momento de celebrar Halloween.

Esperamos que tengas un rato muy agradable saliendo a pedir dulces con tus hijos o dando dulces a otros. Es el momento de compartir con la familia y los vecinos.

Por eso en el episodio de hoy vamos a contarte sobre el origen de esta festividad y sobre las diferencias entre como se celebra en Colombia y en Estados Unidos.

Te diremos unos datos interesantes que debes sabes.

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  1. Eso es muy bueno, a mi me gusta mucho! Buscaba mucho por el Internet podcasts como este con el transcripto en PDF. Genial!

  2. Hola Andrea y Nate! Me encanta vuestro podcast, y antes habéis hecho episodios sobre diferentes países. Ahora estoy viviendo en Barcelona para estudiar español y cooperación internacional para el desarrollo, pero en enero yo y mi clase vamos a mudar a Chile para hacer una práctica en una organización de ayuda! Y por eso, me encantaría si vosotros podéis hacer un episodio sobre Chile, su historia, cultura y paisaje etc!

    Espero que tengáis un buen día 😊

    Ida, de Suecia.

  3. Gitano/a is gypsy. I learned this a couple of years ago watching ‘El Zorro La Espada y la Rosa’ on You Tube. This is a telenovela filmed in Colombia. The theme song is Amor Gitano by Beyonce and Alejandro Fernandez. This version of Zorro has a lot of gypsies in it, including Esmeralda the love of Zorro and Don Diego de La Vega and her mother, the Queen of the gypsies and supposedly the rightful Queen of Spain.

    I just got to this podcast. I had added it to my favorites to listen to later and somehow missed it. Most Protestants here celebrate Halloween, only a few Christian denominations like Christian Church, Church of Christ, Jehovah Witnesses, etc… don’t celebrate it, which is the same in Colombia, a mostly Catholic country. Hence, the majority of Colombians have no problem with Halloween, just like the majority of Americans have no problem with it. The History Channel & You Tube have a video on the ‘History of Halloween’. Although there is a little Celtic side to the beginning (All Hallows Eve a parody of the next day, All Saints Day, Nov 1st), here it never, ever had that connection. As you said it is just a fun children’s day. Although people decorate their homes here, we do NOT spend un mil dólares on decorations. Even those who turn their homes and yards into haunted Houses do not spend that much, and most people only use small, cheap decorations on the tables inside their house or paper ones on the wall. Although some adults dress up and there are costume partes, most adults don’t dress up. They just had out candy or take the kids Trick or Treating. There was a child’s song when I was a kid that went like this: “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”. There is a Disney song & video (You Tube) called ‘Trick or Treat” that mentions “Trick or Treat.. or your little white house might turn blue”.

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