Últimas Noticias Importantes (Important Updates)



En este episodio les contaremos sobre nuestras ultimas noticias y la razon por la cual no estabamos poniendo episodios en el mes de diciembre.

Hemos hablado de los episodios que vamos a poner cada lunes!

Si te gustan las historias interesantes preparate para escuchar sobre nuestra boda, luna de miel, navidad y todos nuestros viajes; ademas, tenemos preguntas al final del episodio para que revises que tan bien comprendiste... estas listo?


We hope you picked up some new Spanish words and understand a little bit more about Andrea and Nate history together.  

We haven't created the next 30 episodes yet so please let us know what you most want to listen to and hear from us.  Send us an email or message.

About the author 

Nate Alger

I learned to speak Conversationally Fluent Spanish in 1 Year of Semi-Focused Study through language exchanges, online tutors, online teaching, and Podcasts like this one!

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  1. I’ve just discovered your podcast and have been listening every day. I moved to Ecuador from the United States last August, and I am thankful to soak up some Spanish from you two. And then to learn you got married! Wow!! How exciting! Here we are now in 2021, so I hope you two are doing well still. ❤️❤️

    1. Thanks so much for listening, Jen! Hope you are enjoying the new life in Ecuador. All is well here. We are currently living in both the US and partly Colombia a few months a year. 🙂

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